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Thank you for exploring my award-winning photography.

Throughout my life, I have always stopped to take photos of scenes or objects that strike me. The images I've captured are from around my home in Virginia or of something that caught my eye while on the road. No matter the source of my inspiration, I'm excited to share the results.

I love the colors, textures and diversity found in the world around us.  There are so many ways to highlight beauty in this fast-paced world -- these pictures help me reconnect and slow down to enjoy it all.

You can enjoy my work in your own home or office by ordering from this site. You can also shop for clothing and accessories that use my images on RedBubble here. If you are interested in a commercial license, please reach out to me via LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/jwsifers or jwsifers@gmail.com

Do you need an updated headshot for your social media and web presence? I also take headshots and would be glad to work with you to create a new image for you. Send me an email to get started: jwsifers@gmail.com.

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